Monday, March 20, 2017

dotty, techy pants, and worky neutrals

wintry mix
jacket: zara
top: ministry (c/o)
pants: ministry (c/o)
heels: bcbgeneration
bag: everlane

[three things]
1. Oh hi!  Anybody else surprised by my sporadic posting?  I'm not.  Baby+work=no joke.

2. The folks over at Ministry of Supply reached out based on my love of neutrals (it's like they knoooow meee!) and sent over some samples.  While I'm new to world of pants in techy fabrics, I am definitely a fan of this high-waisted no-wrinkle pair.  And this shirt has been beating out my similar silk version since it is way less prone to stains and is machine washable.  

3. The bangs are on hiatus.  I feel like they'll make a comeback though.  Maybe this Summer?  

wintry mix

wintry mix

wintry mix

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